Steamburg NY's One-Stop Shop for Cheap Gas, Cigarettes, Cigars, Fishing & Camping Equipment, Laundry & More!

1972 West Perimeter Road

Steamburg, NY 14783


Turtle Pit Café & Smoke Shop has something for everyone in Steamburg NY, Jamestown NY, Salamanca NY, Warren PA and surrounding areas.


Add in their always friendly and helpful staff and shoppers will find that Turtle Pit Café & Smoke Shop is an exceptional store. Our gas and diesel are tax free, and we always have discounted gas & diesel on Fridays.

cheap cigars

Tobacco & Accessories

Turtle Pit Café & Smoke Shop carries a full line of tobacco products to please every smoker. If you’re looking for what you need to roll-your-own products, they have the largest selection of roll-your-own items in the area. If you’re a cigar enthusiast, take some time to check out Turtle Pit’s 24ft cigar humidor stocked with all the premium cigars you could want.

Groceries & Deli

If you’re looking for a quick snack or need to pick up a couple missing ingredients, stop into Turtle Pit. They also have an extensive Deli Menu that includes breakfast foods, subs and pizza.

Maytag Laundromat

To be even more convenient and indispensible to its shoppers, Turtle Pit has added a Laundromat to its location. While you’re waiting for your laundry, stop into the shop to pick up a couple necessities or have a sub in the deli.

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Our wide variety of products and services:  

  • Tax-Free gas & diesel
  • Native Cigarettes
  • Chew Products
  • Roll your own supplies
  • Tobacco
  • Tubes
  • Injectors
  • Smoking accessories (pipes, filters, lighters)
  • Premium cigars
  • 24ft humidor
  • Vapor Supplies and Accessories
  • Blunt Wraps
  • Cigarilloes
  • Native filtered Cigars
  • Candles/ Incense
  • Leanin Tree Cards
  • Camping and Fishing Supplies ( Seneca Nation Fishing Licenses)