Seneca Nation of Indians resident Mary Jane Block got started in business working as a food vendor back in 1993.  She traveled around to various powwows, serving food out of her booth called The Turtle Pit.  After working as a vender for a while she decided to move in a new direction,  As such, The Turtle Pit took on a permanent form when Mary Jane opened a store in Steamburg, NY and named it after her food-vending booth.

     Mary Jane reluctantly gave up running her food-vending booth to focus on the store where customer service is top priority.  All the employees make an effort to make customers feel welcome. 

     Many of the employees have helped nurture the high-quality customer service, including Melissa Long.  Mary Jane hired her on as General Manager in 2011.  Kelly Lauretson and Maureen Dittman also proved their worth starting as  sales clerks and received the promotion of Shift Managers.

     Some other employees have worked for Mary Jane a little longer and have proven themselves invaluable to the company.  Lindsey Hyde the Store Manager has attained an impressive stretch with the company starting back in 2007.

     The stores continued success enabled her to expand the store into its current larger location in May 2012.  The new building allowed Mary Jane to add a coin operated Laundromat as well as an expanded deli, camping and fishing supplies, expanded grocery selection and additional tobacco products.

     The store continues to grow and evolve to serve the community.